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favorite vintages, like kardashians and mark sanchez

hooray for wine!!!!!!!!

This year marked grapefriend’s first vintage year – very exciting! I love seeing what posts people click on the most, and thought I’d share the year’s most popular as well as a few of my own favorites that didn’t make the list!

10 bravo’s bagless conspiracy – I’m as big a fan of Bravo as the housewives are of gossiping and wine sipping. Trust.

9 gobble gobble grapes – For many people, turkey’s a bitch to pair with wine – until grapefriend comes to the rescue!

8 GIANT wine discovery! – My two loves – the Giants and wine – come together in one post. Everyone else seemed to like it too. This brings a tear to grapefriend’s eye. I hope one day Eli shares some Sassicaia with me.

7 katy perry’s scary palate – Power to the Perry. I hope her crew gives her better wine this year, and she may need some after her split with Russell. I’ll totally be your wingwoman at a winebar, Katy.

6 champagne gives you wiiiiings – Adrienne Maloof rules – she’s tough and baller and cool. Every day I get search-term referrals from “Adrienne Maloof champagne” or “Beverly Hills housewines champagne” or “most expensive champagne”. Every. Day.

5 ryan gosling – he’s just like wine! – Testament to the fact that girls love their Gosling. Though I’m pretty sure half of the clicks were from Abby.

4 mila & me: GFF (grapefriends forever) – Testament to the fact that boys love their Mila. I think she’s rad too and has good wine, even if she uses it in odd ways.


3 absolutely fabulous fridge! – I love this post so much, and worship Ab Fab for creating something as insanely awesome as this champagne fridge. Eddy and Pats are true, true grapefriends!

2 rocky wine, rocky marriage – Kardashians. Just deal with it.

and the #1 post of the year…

1 quarterbacks – they’re just like wine! – Football Week was a big hit on grapefriend, but this post was so fun to do and, let’s face it, had a lot of hot QB pics. Plus, it was picked up by the Fug Girls who are hilarious and who I raise a glass to in thanks.

So there’s your Top 10. I feel like Ryan Seacrest in mid-season Idol. So here are a few others I’d choose as my Wild Card spots:

the ramona epidemic – One of the first posts, and one of the best. Pinot Grigio: just say no!

chateau du weinstein – So obsessed with grower Champagne and Fiacre. Harvey – let’s get this on the menu at Nobu, champers goes great with sushi.

fashion week wine pairing – With all the fashion week parties, you need to know what to drink!

wine penalties – This might be my all-time favorite. Look for more coming in time for your Superbowl needs.

Have a great 2012 everyone. grapefriend will be waiting for you glass-in-hand!


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