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absolutely fabulous fridge!

As we await the new episodes of AbFab, let’s pay homage to two of the best characters and champagne lovers ever on Global Champagne Day!

Truly there is no better symbol of anyone’s love for the bubbles than the champagne fridge in Eddy’s kitchen. It was put in after Patsy started a fire in the kitchen by falling asleep while smoking and Eddy had to remodel. One side has Veuve Clicquot and the other has Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut. As if a champers fridge isn’t cool enough, it has a feature that automatically replaces a bottle whenever one is taken out. Dream.

I want one. And Christmas is only two months away, which is plenty of time for someone to order the fridge and cases of Bolly and Veuve to stock it for me.

"Bolly, Eddy?"


4 thoughts on “absolutely fabulous fridge!

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