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grapefriend wine totes are here!

gf WINE TOTEThe grapefriend wine totes have arrived!!! They’re totes amazing (get it?), and not just because they hold wine.

I lug a lot of wine around. A lot. To friends, to dinners, to events, away for the weekend. I was tired of trying to find bubble wrap or random pieces of cardboard (liquor store style) to stuff in between bottles so they don’t clink. Also, why do wine bags always have short handles? You kill your hands carrying these heavy bottles and can’t put it on your shoulder.

Not anymore: the grapefriend wine tote solves all your problems!!! And it’s awesome.

Aside from the cool logo on it that lets everyone know you’re a grapefriend, it’s made from natural cotton canvas and has long straps to sling over your shoulder.

GF WINE TOTE FLAPIt fits two bottles, but the real genius is that it has a moveable flap inside that goes in between the bottles so they don’t clink against each other! You could also have a wine bottle on one side and glasses or crackers and cheese or something on the other. Or, move the flap totally aside and just have a small tote for anything you need.

At $16, they’re great for gifts and even better for yourself. Dimensions: 9″ width, 12″ height, 3″ for that bottom panel they call a gusset.

Click the tote me button below to place an order on PayPal, and an invoice for $16 + shipping will be sent to you for payment. Happy toting, grapefriends!

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21 thoughts on “grapefriend wine totes are here!

  1. This is wonderful! My friend Christine has a canvas bag of this design, but it holds four bottles (she lugs A LOT of booze around). I’d love to plug this product on my site; do you have the four-bottle type as well?

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  5. Hello, I was wondering where you were located? My obvious though is NYC? #RHONY Kristen turned me on to your feed! Great feed!

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