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the 2014 grapey gift guide – non-wine goodies!

It’s back! Your guide to all the grapiest gifts, fit to be gifted to you or yours.

jingle bell wine stopper


Adorable – it actually jingles! The perfect little happy sound when you’re re-opening a bottle. $24 from C Wonder here.

wine sriracha

wine sriracha

Most people pair wine with food – these grapefriends put it right in the food! Spicy sriracha has really had its moment recently. I was never a huge fan until I had this wine-infused one. Jojo’s made two kinds, one with Ravenswood Zinfandel and one with the Petite Sirah. $14 here 0r $22 with the wine here.

mondavi wine-dyed shirt

mondavi crawford denim shirt

The limited-production Robert Mondavi Private Selection x Crawford Denim Vintner Shirt has super cool wine-dyed fabric accents on the collar and cuffs. They hand-dyed it with Mondavi’s Heritage Red blend, which is made from mostly Syrah and Merlot, with some Zinfandel, Thompson Seedless, and Petite Sirah. The shirt’s $135 here.

grapey jerky


The only thing that would be really jerky is not giving a grape gift to someone. We’ve got you more than covered. Clos du Bois and Krave made some limited-edition wine-infused jerky: Cabernet Sauvignon Blackberry Balsamic infused with the Sonoma Reserve Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay Honey Rosemary Turkey infused with Clos du Bois Sonoma Reserve Russian River Valley Chardonnay (my fave). A gift box of both jerky’s and both wines are $65 here.

wine aerator

vinturi wine aerator

I didn’t think I needed one of these, but I got it as a gift earlier this year and use it all the time! If you have a young wine, it’s great to get some instant-aeration on it and help it open up more quickly. I’ve done the test taste and it really does make a difference. Big fan. $20 here.

grapey bakery bars


Estancia teamed up with the Chicago-based Silverland Bakery to make Estancia Chardonnay White Chocolate Caramel Bars and Estancia Pinot Noir Bakery Bars.  Great as gifts or party treats. The box comes with 6 six Chardonnay bars and 6 Pinot Noir bars for $28 here.

wine totes

grapefriend wine tote

As always, the grape friend wine totes are super fun, and incredibly useful. I use mine every week! Long straps easily fit over your shoulder, and a flap inside prevents your two bottles from clinking. Doesn’t get much grapier than this. $16 here.


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