getting your grape on

getting your grape on: september

What an awesome weather month we had! Not too hot, not too cold, but every once in a while a chill enough where you wanted to pop open a light red. And most importantly, the return of football which here in grapefriend land means a lot of wine drinking! This month, I did a contest asking people to tag me in their game watching with wine photos to win a wine tote bag, and we got awesome entries. But first, here were a few of my fave regularly-tagged pics.

The month started off with rosé as we transitioned out of warm summer 4 (4)

But soon enough I was getting wine by the fire photos.

photo 1 (6)

Fall also brought back Sons of Anarchy, and tons of people tag me when they’re drinking wine while watching it. Maybe you wouldn’t think of SOA as a wine-watching show, but you’d be wrong.

photo 2 (4)

I love grapefriends who love grapefriend! Check out the comments in this cute pic. photo (1)

Weirdly, a lot of people tagged me in Malbec and Torrontes pics, and I’m heading to Argentina in two weeks! Will obviously be posting many of my own Malbec and Torrontes drinking soon enough but these pics got me 4 (6)

photo 1 (5)

And check out this recipe for Bang Bang Chicken – doesn’t it sound good?photo 4 (5)

Yes, half-off wine IS 5 (5)

Love this grapefriend’s wine challenge. photo 5 (6)

This lucky grapefriend went to the Rubicon release dinner with Francis Ford Coppola himself. photo 3 (4)

And this is just a really cool Chicago 2 (5)

OK, on to the football contest and winner of the grapefriend wine tote! Here were a few of my favorite entries:photo 5

photo 5 (4) photo 5 (3) photo 5 (2) photo 4 photo 4 (7)

photo 4 (3) photo 4 (2) photo 3 photo 3 (6)

photo 3 (3)

photo 2 photo 2 (7) photo 2 (6)

photo 5 (7)

photo 2 (3) photo 2 (2) photo 1 photo 1 (7)

photo 1 (3) photo 1 (2)

But my winner was Elyse! This pic just has all the elements – wine, gear, and a great stream of other wine and football pics on her 3 (2)

Congrats, Elyse! I’ll be in touch to send you your awesome tote.

I’ll do another wine-tote contest when I get inspired for another theme. Until then, you can always buy them for 16 bucks here. I use mine all the time, it’s rad.

As always, keep tagging me @grapefriend on Twitter or Instagram – love seeing what everyone drinks every day.


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