grapefriend’s new motto: don’t do it

Bukowski and whiskey = NO BRAINER. I love this entire ad, except I want to smack a grapefriend logo on at the end instead of Dewar’s.

I’ve never even had Dewar’s, which apparently is the top-selling blended Scotch in the US. But since I drink whiskey way less frequently than wine, I go for good stuff. Usually Oban, Lagavulin, Pappy Van if someone’s packin’. I smell a Scotch Week in grapefriend’s future! Who’s in?


11 thoughts on “grapefriend’s new motto: don’t do it

  1. This reminds me of Estrella Damm’s summer 2013 ad that came out a few months ago in that it’s a fantastic ad, but for a pretty mainstream product. That said–definitely do a Scotch week!

  2. Scotch. Love it. Straight with a drop or two of water. If you’re going to do a tasting, you have to include Ardbeg – though it should be the last on your list. There’s nothing subtle about it – it’s like an ashtray reached up and grabbed your tongue to give it a good healthy twist ….but you find you like it. If someone has a glass of this, you’ll smell it before you enter the room. Thanks for liking my latest post btw.

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