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football week wine fun, and eli leads the way!

real-football-fans-drink-wineIt’s fall(ish), it’s football, and it’s FOOTBALL WEEK once again on grapefriend! Most people think beer for games, but grapefriends think wine. Football foods are actually amazing with wine, and even though my mission to get better wine in sports bars hasn’t swept the nation (YET) you can still pop a good bottle on your own.

Because you know who would? Two-time Super Bowl champ Eli Manning. To wit, this from a recent article detailing 10 things you don’t know about him:

He likes fine wine. This nugget comes courtesy of his oldest brother, Cooper, who says Eli “can have an intelligent conversation with a sommelier” when the family goes to a nice restaurant.

The Giants quarterback reads wine magazines and has an extensive collection of bottles. So if you thought Eli was strictly a Budweiser kind of guy, think again.

“I guess it did (surprise me) a little bit when I realized he had become a collector,” Cooper said. “But he’s very knowledgeable about this wine. He got into it about eight or nine years ago.”

I really, really need to drink wine with him. He likes Sassicaia. I like French and Oregon. But as all two-time Super Bowl champions know, it takes many different types to make up a great team.

I also unearthed this vintage pic from Wine Spectator in 2005, when Eli went to a wine dinner that St. Francis had at Tribeca Grill. This was before he even had a wine fridge. Oh, the rookie years…

credit: sarah powers/wine spectator

credit: sarah powers/wine spectator

Does any other QB like wine this much? Peyton is all beer (sorry, grapefriend Broncos fans). Let me know if your team’s QB is a grapefriend, and if you drink wine while watching games. If you do, tag me @grapefriend on Twitter or Instagram while you’re watching football and drinking wine this month! The best pic will win a grapefriend wine tote, which is phenomenal for toting wine to tailgating parties. (If you have parties coming up and can’t wait til October to see if you’ve won, you can grab a bag now here.)

So get your gridiron grape on, and get ready for more football wine fun all week long!


11 thoughts on “football week wine fun, and eli leads the way!

  1. Always like hearing these things, breaks the perceived stereotypical mold of beer drinking football person (not that there is anything wrong with that) but nice to hear that he is so knowledgable about wine.

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