cocktail friend: pat field fashion week find

pavan 2It’s Fashion Week! Instead of detailing any clothes or anything (why would we do that on grapefriend?), let’s just detail the favorite liqueur of one of my favorite stylists, Pat Field. As the costume designer for Sex and the City, Pat is basically half the reason the show was so popular. And one of her drinks of choice is Pavan.

It’s made with muscat grapes and orange blossoms from the Frontignan AOC and it is SO GOOD.  It’s super delicate and floral, really perfect pre-dinner drink. If SATC were still on, I could see Carrie in a dress with a giant orange blossom on it sipping on a Pavan cocktail instead of a Cosmo.

The other cool thing is that in French “pavaner” means to strut (like a peacock, which is what the pretty blue-green bottle is designed after). This liqueur’s got swagger.

I really love it just by itself on ice, but we tried two other cocktails that were good too.

pavan sangria

pavan 1

  • 1 bottle Pavan
  • 1 bottle Perrier
  • Sliced fresh fruits

the crosmopolitan

We had this one at the Crosby Street Hotel, where they have a few cocktails made with Pavan on their menu.

pavan cosmo

  • Plymouth gin
  • Pavan
  • blueberries
  • lemon juice
  • Champagne

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