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katy perry’s scary palate

teenage nightmare!

Last week Katy Perry celebrated her 27th birthday at a movie theater in Birmingham, England. The singer’s band and stage crew threw a surprise party for her there, where they screened Ghostbusters (fun!). Their only demand to the theater? Pinot Grigio and Malbec wine.

Was this a birthday party or a roast??? I loathe the bland PG and not a huge fan of coarse Malbec either. If they wanted to go along with the theme of the movie and order scary wines, they succeeded. However, thematically they could’ve done even better.

There are actually a bunch of wines with the word ghost in them: Old Ghost, Gray Ghost, Ghost Pines, Ghost Block, Ghost Horse. Ghost Pines Cabernet wins for spookiest label with its eerie faded tree. Old Ghost Old Vine Zinfandel comes in second with a ghostly knotty vine. Happy Hallowine!


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