stars - they're just like wine!

ryan gosling – he’s just like wine!

i'm dark. but not from chile.

i’m dark. but not from chile.

This is a very exciting edition of “stars – they’re just like wine!” because it stemmed from a request! I had to do the reverse, where I wasn’t thinking of what star was like a wine but what wine was like a star – in this case, Ryan Gosling.

I’m actually not obsessed with him the way many girls are, so this is completely unbiased and swoon-less and will not be about a grape I just have crazy stupid love for.

But on with the festivities. Ryan Gosling is just like…Carmenère!

They’ve both had questionable roots! Ryan started out on “The Mickey Mouse Club” with the more musically-coordinated Justin, Christina and Britney from 1993-1995, then sort of disappeared until The Believer in 2001. Carmenère started as one of six main grapes grown in Bordeaux, but wasn’t as widely used and has been phased out. Now it rocks solo in Chile, where about 99% of Carmenère is grown.

They’re versatile! Ryan can do action (Murder By Numbers), romance (The Notebook) and his usual Sundance-style indies (Half Nelson). Carmenère can be very soft and fruity, but if underripe can have a vegetal green pepper taste.

They’re dark! Did you SEE Blue Valentine? Yikes. And have you ever tasted a Carmenère? Holy mama, is it one seriously-stain-your-teeth dark purple. Also, it tastes like dark fruit (think blackberries).

Got a celeb request for the next edition of “stars – they’re just like wine!”? Lemme know below.


5 thoughts on “ryan gosling – he’s just like wine!

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  2. Don’t know why but this guy is about as addictive as wine. And Im not a gaga kind of woman. Even my 24 year old son admits he’s got the charm, and he’s in the film industry himself. I LOVE your site. So glad you popped in on my blog. I never tried much wine until a trip to San Francisco in 2004 and have been discovering my likes and not-so-likes ever since. I know you’ll cringe as most do when I say my very favorites are Muscato wines, but I will try anything once. Most taste so good over dinner with amazing friends that I often purchase the same wine only to find my exuberance deflated. And yet I continue to do it. Ha.

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