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GIANT wine discovery!

As a Giants fan, it’s been a painful football season for grapefriend. The reason, however, isn’t because of last night’s painful loss to the Packers or because they’re not killing it in their division (we’re actually doing ok, even if we’re not a lock by far for the playoffs). The reason is because we don’t have a Giants wine. As we know, the Jets and now even the Chargers have team wines. But Eli was leaving grapefriend in the cold – until now!!!

How I didn’t know this, I’ll never know. But ELI LOVES WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW I was a fan of the right team!

I happened to come across a NY Post article from 2008 that was all over the fact that Eli was loving living in NYC, exploring different restaurants and getting into the grape!

“He’s gotten into wine,” said his older brother Cooper. “He can navigate a wine list pretty good, which is pretty funny. We’ll be out to eat, and he’ll order some Bordeaux I’ve never heard of, and I’ll say, ‘Oh, hey, hey, who’s this? Look how hoity-toity.’ ”

So cute! I love hearing from the older Manning bro, poor guy.

Then they interviewed the manager of Il Mulino, one of two Eli faves, who said, “He does like good wine. He likes the Super Tuscan.”

To back that up, Frank Minieri, manager and co-owner of Il Cantinori, said, “He recently ordered the ‘Rolls-Royce of Italian wines,'” a Sassicaia. Sassicaia is one of the most well-known and best Super Tuscans –  85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cab Franc – and has its own defined area (DOCG, Bolgheri). I’ve never had one because they go for anywhere from $175 for the newest vintage to $2500 for a great drink-ready year.

This is all new and amazing news and I am DEFINITELY drinking with Eli in the offseason, but Minieri added the reason I always loved Eli anyway: “He always comes in with a big smile. He’s nice to everybody. He definitely likes the excitement, but he blends in. He doesn’t need to be noticed.”

Go G-Men! (PS – notice how G-Men could also stand for “Grape-Men.” That’s definitely intentional on their part.)


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