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a very grapey gift guide!

Oooooooohhh I just love presents. Obviously, grapefriend’s favorites come in bottles but there are plenty of other fun holiday treats to try!

stylin bottles

Every time I look at these I just crack up – so random and whimsical!!! Great to warm up a bottle of red that you’ve been hauling out in the cold (reds do NOT like the freezing winter weather)! Bottles want to look cute at a party too.

price: $10

get them here

light bodied wine

The MOMA store is fabulous for gifts and these are GENIUS: lampshades that instantly transform any wine glass into a small lamp! Hey, it gets late, you’re left with an empty wine glass, and you need some illumination!

price: $16

get them here

boxed wine

Loved the wine boxes and bottle tags from the Missoni for Target home line. It was super chic and is now super sold out – but just head to ebay to find them all!

price: about $8 for the tags and $20 for the box, but bid away!

get them here

preppy grapes

Newly obsessed with all things Little Barrel – amazingly preppy wine-patterned accessories! Now everyone can wear their wine with cute scarf belts for girls, ties for guys and even leashes for dogs (I’m lookin’ at you, Beasley!).

price: scarf $58, tie $68, leash $29-33

get them here

winter wine rack

How hilarious is this? We have so many old pairs of skis up from throughout the years and this would be a fantastic use of them, don’t you think? If you don’t have any old ones lying around, just buy one of these!

price: $58

get them here

bubbly breakfast

This just seems like a merry way to spend a morning. (Unrelated note: No one uses the word “merry” except for Merry Christmas, but why? It’s a really good word.) This package gives you some Blanc de Blancs bubbly, Mimosa mixer (yeah, hi, also just called OJ), pancake fixins and a mixing bowl.

price: $70

get it here


2 thoughts on “a very grapey gift guide!

  1. While I am, of course, partial to the ski wine rack, the lampshade strikes just the right ironic note…rather than have it wind up on your head after one two many glasses, you can keep burning bright and MAYBE use it as a proactive hangover prevention device? great gifts here! I’d write more but must shop!

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