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adele’s some wine like you

a few months ago buying wine in London

Adele cancelled her  North America tour because she had to have surgery on her vocal cords, but The Smoking Gun just leaked the tour rider. Herewith, grapefriend’s fave items:

She gets a bottle of the “very best quality red wine (Italian, Spanish or French)” in her dressing room.

Then for her tour bus, she asks for another bottle, again from one of those three countries, but now also possibly Australia. Why? Does it get rowdier on the tour bus so you can go for bigger and bolder wine? #deepquestions

Her band sounds way cool: they get a bottle of Grey Goose in their dressing room along with “best quality Californian Sauvignon Blanc white wine (chilled) ‘NO CHARDONNAY!”

Love them. And I like Adele, but as for “Rolling in the Deep”: if it hear it one more time I, too, will need a bottle of the best quality red wine possible.

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