pop grape

m.i.a. – i give the finger to your wine choices

Smoking Gun is becoming a real source of grapefriendy goodness. They’ve unearthed the wine riders for Adele and Lady Gaga, and now they’ve published the rider for Football Finger, aka M.I.A.

"eff ME, i ordered sucky wine"

After a laundry list of booze that includes Patron, Ketel One and Absynthe (huh?), she finally gets to the wine: “1 bottle of red wine Merlot or Bordeaux (medium price $15-25)” or “1 bottle of White Chardonnay (medium price $15-25).” Right. Because otherwise everyone would’ve been running out to buy all that RED Chardonnay for her. The Merlot price is ok, but I probably wouldn’t assign someone to get me a Bordeaux for $15-25.  You don’t have to rock a first growth for $1000 like Bachelor Ben, but if you’re making all those “European cheese” requests I’m sure you could also ask for a higher-priced wine.

What is it with these performers? They don’t even demand good grapes! Clearly I need to become a tour manager.

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