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little monsters, lots of wine

from her corky SNL sketch (nbc)

Last night Lady Gaga tweeted that she was going to release the Born This Way tour dates the next day, so obviously the Little Monsters were crawling up the online walls with anticipation. Then she tweeted that she was going to head to bed early, but then tweeted “Screw it. I had too much wine.” And with that one tweet, “Drunky Gaga” started trending again on Twitter.

The first time this happened was on December 16, when she tweeted that she was drinking wine and dancing around in her hotel room because “Marry the Night” hit #1. (Read her Tweet and self-ascribed hashtag here.) And then last night all the Little Monsters created a frenzy of wine mentions, from asking her to give them some wine to begging her to drink more wine and release the tour dates early. It was pretty hilarious I have to say.

It was also nice to see that many of the Monsters asked her what kind of wine she was drinking. Alas, she never responded to that one. Hopefully, she elevated herself from the supermarket wines requested on her rider by now. But we’ll have to just keep waiting for her to reveal her grape preferences or catch a glimpse of her with glass in hand…

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