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#drunkygaga wants her very own wine now

Gaga hearts wine

Gaga hearts wine

Lady Gaga was in Sonoma two weeks ago, and shockingly not one person reported on what wineries she visited or wine she drank. All we know is that she had a cocktail at The Girl & The Fig restaurant. Um, ok, but not quite what we’re looking for.

Now it comes out that she wants to make her own wine with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney. We know Gaga is a major grapefriend and has tweeted about drinking wine multiple times and also has it on her rider. Now The Sun’s reporting that she wants to grow her own grapes.

Despite having Kendall Jackson and Mondavi on her tour rider, a source told The Sun: “Gaga is really into her food and wine. When she isn’t on tour she is cooking and drinking the most expensive bottles she can get her hands on. After touring in Europe she has taken a real interest in the production of her favourite reds. She also sees a vineyard as a business investment and something she can work on with Taylor when her pop career comes to an end.”

Gaga has created her own hashtag #drunkygaga and uses it when she’s having a wine night. She’s said, “My favorite way to catch up with friends is to have wine and food nights. We cook together, drink six or seven bottles of red wine and just talk shit.” Grapefriend likes!

So if she does make her own wine, what will she name it? Believe it or not, Gaga Wine is already taken! It’s from Santa Rosa, CA and they make a rosĂ©, and also have a Gaga Rouge and a Gaga Blanc coming out this spring.

Well, whatever the name, you know someone like Gaga is going to create a sick label for it. And maybe instead of a bottle, she’ll package it in an egg. So many possibilities!

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