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new yorkers, don’t be “at rest”!

Dear Senator,

It has come to my attention that the state’s two biggest liquor distributors are lobbying you to include an “at rest” provision in the 2012 budget. They’re claiming “at rest” will create revenue for the State, by allowing only distributors delivering product out of New York warehouses to legally sell wine to retailers. But actually, this would result in hundreds of closed businesses, including both wholesalers and retailers, and at least a thousand unemployed New Yorkers. Selection would be limited and the price of wine would go up for consumers. Also, the ancillary effects of the resultant higher unemployment, lower sales and income tax revenues collected, would further exacerbate the current economic position of the state, not improve it.

So as a wine writer and wine lover, I think the “at rest” provision blows. The whole point is to be able to explore wine, find what you like and make sure everyone – small and big alike – the chance to make and share the wine they love.

I would NOT vote for “at rest” either in legislation or in the budget language.

I hope you enjoy some wine that you love soon. If you need any recommendations, just ask!

Thank You!

If you’d like to support small wine importers and distributors, contact your Senator to tell them you oppose “at rest” here: by Friday, March 9. Then go drink a really yumballs wine!


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