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where to get your grapes in indy, unless you’re peyton

"I wish Eli were here to tell me what wine to drink"

On Sunday nights, back when Peyton Manning was still killing it for the Colts last year, P-Man would head to landmark Indy steak house St. Elmo after games and kick it in the wine cellar. He’d study the rest of the day’s match-ups on a flatscreen TV (that was installed just for him), and enjoy a fantastic steak paired with a nice glass of…Bud Light??? Peyton, what the FREAK?

I checked their wine list and they’ve got a great selection for steak, of course, but I also give them huge props for having really affordable choices too.

the grapiest place in indy!

Sure, they’ve got Staglins for $300-400, but they’ve got plenty of good ones under $100 – pretty refreshing to see a steak house with that range.

Both Eli Manning and Tom Brady ate there on Monday night when they got into town for the Super Bowl. Other teams love it too – and seem to take advantage of the wine selections. Last year, when everyone was in town for the the NFL combine, Saints’ coach Sean Payton heard that Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones had reserved the only bottle left of 2007 Caymus Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon (a little over $300) for a Cowboys dinner. So Sean convinced the St. Elmo staff to let his party have the bottle instead the night before. Then he wrote a note on the empty bottle, to be left on the Cowboys’ table the next night: “WHO DAT! World Champions XLIV, Sean Payton

Love this guy!

Poor Jerry, though. He does seem like a grapefriend. And as we know, Eli is a grapefriend too. So Peyton, I know your little brother’s a little busy this week, but keep him in Indy for an extra day or two and have him take you to St. Elmo to crack open some good bottles! Sheesh.

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