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super bowl wine terms

Since all of us will be drinking awesome wine during the game (right???), I’m gonna run down a bunch of terms you should be aware of:

call an audible

To order a glass or bottle and switch at the last minute. Hopefully before pouring or opening of said glass or bottle.

two-point conversion

When your glass has been poured, but there’s juuuuust a little left in the bottle so you get a drop more. Extra bonus.

goal line stand

To stand in front of the best wine bottle at a party so no one else drinks from it.

premeditated celebration

To buy a fab bottle of wine in anticipation of something amazing about to happen. (Learned this term when they pumped in salsa music for Victor Cruz’s TD).

onside kick

To pretend you’re about to pour someone the last of the wine but then pour it in your own glass.


This is actually a real wine term – it’s the dimple at the bottom of a wine bottle. No one actually agrees on why the bottle punt exists, but here at grapefriend we have no doubt it comes from people saying “Let’s kick this game off with a great bottle of wine!”


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