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Super Bowl bets between the team cities’ governmental dudes are in full action. We’ve got some yummy NYC eats on the line, and it’s not like I’m trying to be biased but our stuff always seems better than what we’d get from the other team. (Cheese curds, Wisconsin? Thank god we won that one.) Luckily, we haven’t lost so far, but now we have the biggest game and the biggest bets about to happen. So here’s a quick rundown of what everyone’s wagering – most importantly, there’s only one grapefriend in the whole bunch!

NY Mayor Bloomberg & Boston Mayor Menino

If the Giants win, a New York family will win a Super Tour of Boston, including stuff like a stay at the Ritz Carlton, dinner at Legal Sea Foods and Top of the Hub restaurants, tickets to a performance at the Citi Performing Arts Center and tickets to a Bruins or Celtics game at the TD Garden.

If the Patriots win, one Boston family will win a Super Tour of New York City, including a stay at the Grand Hyatt, dinner at the Russian Tea Room and B. Smith’s restaurant, tix to a Rangers or Knicks game and Phantom of the Opera, and a photo with Bloomberg.

I guess the dinners would include wine (Legal Sea Foods’ website does claim that their wine list is the “toast of the town”), but other than that – eh.

NY Gov. Cuomo & Massachusetts Gov. Patrick

If the Giants win, NY gets 46 Centerville Pies, Legal Sea Foods clam chowder, 46 cases of Food Should Taste Good chips donated to the Food Bank Association of NYS.

If the Patriots win, 46 cases of New York-made Greek yogurt, 46 dozen bagels from Ess-a-Bagel, and 46 cheesecakes from Junior’s will be donated to a Massachusetts food bank.

I can’t bash donating to the needy, so we’ll just cruise to the next one.

NY Senator Schumer & New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen

I don’t get why this bet is with the NH person and not MA, but anyway…

If the Giants win, Shaheen will buy a New York craft brewery beer for each member of the Senate.

If the Patriots win, Schumer will buy a round for the Senate from New Hampshire’s Smuttynose brewery.

It’s not wine, but at least we’re getting close.

NY State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb & Massachusetts House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr.

If the Giants win, Jones sends cannolis from Mike’s Pastry and clam chowder from Legal Sea Foods (seriously, is this the only restaurant in Boston???).

If the Patriots win, Kolb will send Boston some New York Cheesecake and – wait for it – wine from New York’s Finger Lake region!!!

Hooray!!! We have a grapefriend in the house (and the House)! As we know, I love Finger Lake Rieslings. And just as extra confirmation that this dude is cool, the bet also makes the loser take a picture in their Chamber wearing the jersey of the victorious team. That’s a good one!

Go New York, and go grapefriends!

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