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champagne gives you wiiiiings

OK, now that Football Week is over it’s back to business. And on grapefriend, business means posts about Bravo shows and the wine being drunk on them.

yeah, bernie, i feel the same way about angel

On last week’s premiere of RH of Bev Hills, Adrienne Maloof claimed that the champagne she was serving cost $2200 a bottle and was “the most expensive champagne in the world.” It was Angel champagne. I’d never heard of it. Now granted, I usually just drink Veuve Yellow Label, which is more in my budget. Still, never even heard of Angel? grapefriend had to investigate and I didn’t find out many things that were inspiring me to fork over more than 2k:

1) It doesn’t all cost $2200. On their website, it starts at $575. Some of the more expensive ones I found were for double or triple bottles or just came in pimped out bottles. Doesn’t count.

2) Therefore, it’s not the most expensive champagne in the world. Krug can cost around $750. And let’s not even get into old and rare bottles – a shipwrecked bottle of 1907 Heidsieck sold for $275,000.

3) Mariah Carey is the US ambassador. I think we know what kind of arena we’re playing in here.

3) This offensive-sounding quote from founder Stefano Zagni: “I found that the ladies didn’t like the top brands; they were too heavy. I wanted something lighter. I chose the grapes, bottled and sold it.” Not to grapefriend! I remain loyal to my Dom.

[Day-after Addendum: So everyone who’s had it is now saying it’s amazing – ok, I can definitely get behind that! However, I did ask my friend who works for Veuve about the price situation, and she mentioned that Krug Clos d’Ambonnay is about $4,000 a bottle. It’s a blanc de noirs (all Pinot Noir) from one really small Grand Cru vineyard and they only made about 3,000 bottles. But must we split hairs? I’ll take either…]


8 thoughts on “champagne gives you wiiiiings

  1. I had it last night and I will agree with her, it is fantastic ! can not be the most expensive, but is the best I ever had.I just wish they had the rose!

  2. i had angel earlier this year in maddox club london and continued to order it. . It does look and taste very good. I find some champagne can give me a bit of heartburn but none so far with angel. I do sort of understand what the founder means. my girlfriend much prefers angel to dom cristal, ace of spades, etc i think it was aimed at the female palate. haven’t tried the vintage yet though.

  3. Hi Grapefriend… I think that Angel may be the most expensive “Entry Level” bottle as while there are a number of vintage champagnes or as you mention Krug that can cost more that is not where they start. I too am a fan of Angel Champagne and am looking forward to the Rose as having drunk it at Sisu Boutique Hotel in Marbella this year I am hooked!!

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