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who cares about the ring?

This dude and his coach are by far my new favorite people. In 2003, the Chiefs kicker Morten Andersen got shit from the NFL after his coach Dick Vermeil promised him a bottle of wine if he made a field goal—a reward the NFL said would be against regulations. Wine Spectator got the story a few years later.

WS: So what actually happened between you and Kansas City Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil?
MA: With a couple seconds to go in a game against the Oakland Raiders, I had the chance to win the game on a field goal. The Raiders had called time-out. I happened to look over and Coach Vermeil was saying, “Come over here,” which was odd because I was focused on what I was about to do. I ran over, and he said, “When you make this kick, I have a bottle of Bryant Family Cabernet Sauvignon for you.” And I asked, “What vintage?” [grapefriend note: a California cult cabernet that’ll set you back about $400 or more depending on the vintage – and it might be rarer than a Superbowl ring.] I couldn’t believe he was talking about wine in this situation. I made the kick. The NFL got wind of it and decided it was against the salary cap rules.

WS: Did you ever get the bottle?
MA: Can’t talk about that.

WS: Not even as a retired player?
MA: Well, there was a brown bag in my locker a couple days later. I’m not really sure what was in there. [Laughs.]


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