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mila & me: GFF (grapefriends forever)

Mila Kunis is on the cover of the latest GQ, and in the accompanying story she tries to make the cold-ridden writer better with a homemade remedy:

dr. mila

Kunis starts making us hot tea when she gets a better idea. “Let’s get some Cabernet going,” she says. “It’ll make you feel better and it will make you drunk.” She hands me a Grgich Hills Cabernet Franc (retail $50) to open, then sniffs the bottle and declares it “perfect for boiling.” Into the saucepan it goes, followed by an avalanche of green-tea powder (“It’s vitamins!”), two gelcaps of fish oil (“What’s the difference? It’s all going to end up liquefied and syrupy”), apple-cider vinegar (“‘Cause that’s just always good for you”), and Ayurvedic chai.

Obviously, grapefriend is going to focus on the wine. I love that she has Grgich lying around – a wine you should know about. Mike Grgich is a very famous Napa winemaker. He came to the US from Croatia and made his rep making Chateau Montelena’s Chardonnay, which won the game-changing Judgement of Paris in 1976. The Chard is known for its more balanced, acidic style (ie, not a barfy oak bomb).

Now I know the GQ writer was sick, but he made a big mistake. He said Mila gave him a Grgich Cabernet Franc – but they only make a Cabernet Sauvignon! (Franc is lighter, less tannic, less acidic and more herbal than Sauvignon). Does GQ not have fact checkers? Sheesh.

BTW, when I worked at YM magazine, I wrote a cover story on Mila too. We ate spicy pretzels. They were good, but nowhere near as good as Grgich! I have no luck.

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