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wines i’m thankful for

As we contemplate what we’re all thankful for on this Thanksgiving, I think it’ll come as no surprise that grapefriend is thankful for wine! Here are a few I’ve been most thankful for sipping this year.

chateauneuf du pape – a little bit of everything, a lot of amazing

What I love about the CdP is that it’s primarily of a blend of 3 really awesome grapes: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre (GSM for short). However, 10 other grapes are technically allowed in the Rhone blend so sometimes you get 13 grapes all partying together in one bottle – a good time. It’s also my dad’s favorite wine and Robert Parker has even copped to liking it best, but my dad is cuter than Parker.

kerner – the poet wine

This one is soooo yumballs and I feel like no one knows about it. I first had it at Fatty Crab with Malaysian food – the light, perfectly acidic white was amazing with the fatty pork and watermelon salad. I don’t see Kerner on a lot of menus, but always get it when I do. It’s from Alto Adige, which is my go-to region in Italy for whites (I pretty much loathe most Italian whites). Also, it’s named after Justinus Kerner, a German poet from the 1800s – come on, that’s cool.

rosé – summer in a bottle

Now you could argue that you can drink rosé throughout the year, and you can. But you’re only going to max out your love when it’s nice and steamy out, and you’re sitting at La Bottega under those awesome lights and you sit down with a bottle of rose. Come winter, I gotta warm my bones with some bold ass reds.

monastrell – speaking of bold ass reds…

Just love this stuff in the winter. Who needs heat? That stuff only dries out your skin, while Monastrell keeps ya nice and warmy from the inside out! And since no one really knows about this one either (btw, it’s just the Spanish name for Mourvèdre) it’s not so pricey. Definitely not as pricey as the CdP, where it’s only one of three co-stars.

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