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fashion week wine pairing

We say adieu to yet another New York Fashion Week. And though I didn’t get my share of after-party cocktails this year, I still got to drool over the looks. Which is much better than drooling at a late-night after party after too many drinks…

And in another tweak to grapefriend’s fave “stars – they’re just like wine!,” here’s a NYFW edition pairing wines with 10 of my favorite looks for Spring.

1 & 2 chris benz
I was having a really important conversation yesterday about how orange jellybeans are my least favorite flavor. But then I saw all this orange in the Chris Benz collection and I’m all turned around. I mean, SO INTO. Love the Women on the Verge garden party hair. Had to show two looks because they were both so good I couldn’t decide.

I’d have to pair them with something outré and avant garde, like orange wine. It’s white wine but has a dark orange tinge from spending more time fermenting with grape skins. Very trendy lately, and obviously a perfect color match!

3 honor
LOVED this collection, my new obsession. All of the looks just make me happy, but I especially love the styling of this one.
For a wine pairing, this feels very young and light, like a Beaujolais but NOT nouveau. Gotta go Grand Cru Beaujolais, and probably from Fleurie because of the way this skirt semi blooms.

4 marc jacobs
One of my favorite things about MJ is always the eclecticism of the looks coming down the runway. Must pair with a blend here, and one sort of hard-edged like a Rioja. It’s usually made up of mostly Tempranillo with some Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano. Each grape adds a unique element to produce a seamless bold taste.

j crew

Really liking the elevated looks they’re doing now and must buy at least three things I saw in the presentation, including this sparkly red-trimmed jacket. J Crew is solid, easy and American so I’d go with a California Chardonnay. But a good one, like from Russian River, and not too oaky.
6 oscar de la renta
Ugh, dying. Reminds me of those AMAZING Lanvin dresses a few years ago. Wine pairing must be big and bold, but still very French. Obviously, we’re in the Rhone. All Syrah, but in the blow-you-away Cornas appellation.
7 jenny packham
Breezy and elegant. Would go great with a light, crisp Kerner. Plus, I love Kerner from the Alto Adige region in Italy which has super high elevation, and this dress would look great on a windy hilltop (despite being a tad cold).

8 rodarte
This lavendar/grass green color combo DEFINES spring. Springy and grassy? We are definitely in Gruner Veltliner land. Mmmm.

9 jason wu
Everyone liked the other dress with the pink skirt. Yes, a much better visual picture, but I loved this all-white ice princess look more. I’d have to drink something steely and feminine, like a Loire Sauvignon Blanc. Very minerally and acidic.

10 zac posen
I love Zac – whenever I interviewed him for this fashion web series I used to produce he always answered every question so thoughtfully and intelligently. And if this look doesn’t say “I need some vintage champagne from the 1920s immediately” I don’t know what does. Pass the vintage Dom, please.


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