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joe wears jacobs’ jersey

Last night I went to the Giants game. I had to drink beer, but it was actually good (called Landshark – pretty tasty). Anyway, Joe Gorga from Real Housewives of New Jersey was sitting right in front of us with Richie (Kathy’s husband).

I didn’t see Joe drinking, but grapefriend has to wonder if he’d drink beer or something grapier. One, because his wife Melissa is coming out with her own brand of champagne. She told E! Online that it’s called Magnifica Giornata: “It stands for ‘magnificent day.’ It’s like a motto, ‘Every day’s a magnificent day.'” Magnificent DAY on disPLAY…but I digress. Second reason he might go grape: Teresa also has mentioned that she’s starting some new business with wine. But then she’s also said she’s coming out with a branded bellini called a Fabullini. Enough, Housewives, enough.

grapefriend just found this out today, which is a bummer because honestly I would’ve had to ask Joe for updates.


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