getting your grape on

getting your grape on: november

Huge month of everyone getting their grape on! We had a lot of grapefriends drinking some good grapes with their turkey, but holiday drinking is never included in the Grapefriend of the Month competition. So here’s what everyone drank every other day in November, at least the ones they tagged me in…

Stephanie in Aurora, Colorado tagged me in one of my favorite pictures ever! Look at the shadow – so perfectly grapefriendy!


Spencer in Detroit had this Bordeaux-style blend to celebrate his friend’s birthday. Stags Leap is really good, though I’ve never had this Hands of Time one.stags leap

He also went to an awesome Veuve Clicquot dinner at the Detroit Athletic Club – so jealous! Was invited to one in New York but I was in Napa (rough life).veuve1


Abby finally entered the Grapefriend of the Month competition with three entries: first, she rocked some Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc. Later on, some Gruner and some Kerner – ok, the Kerner was with me but the Gruner was her very own selection! I’ve really tutored her well in that one and so glad she’s a fan.matanzas creek sauvignon blancabby gruner

abby kerner

Jordan drank very well this month (he kills me) – first a Pavillon Blanc from Margaux, then some Hundred Acre Cabernet.pavillon blanc margaux jord26hundred acre cabernet jord26

Rachel tested the limits of her glass rim with some Pinot Grigio – hey, when you have to finish a bottle…rachel pinot grigio

Jeffrey in LA made me very jealous with this Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape.Jeff Beaucastel

Roxy drank all over the place: Coppola Claret and then Coppola Cab in LA, Wente Cabernet in the air (love Wente, so now wanna fly Virgin all the time), St. Emilion in Boston.coppola claretcoppola cabernet

wente cabernet

chateau simard

Asia in Canada rocked some Chanson Pinot Noir and some Renwood Zin:chanson pinot noir

renwood zin

Also on the Pinot Noir train was Mary in Long Beach, CA. This was in November of course, but looks like it would’ve been a good one for Halloween:rest in peace pinot noir

“Is there any other way to do Election Night? Nope!” I agree with eemmaabee, who had a white blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle which was “delicious”:eemmaabee

Dave in Brooklyn thought this from Carignano from Sardegna was interesting – I gotta get on the Sardinian wine train.rocca

Love that Morio5 was downing some Clos du Val – I just met their former winemaker and he poured us some Cab from back in the day. Hope this Merlot was just as good…clos du val merlot

Alejiss showed me her Casa Lapostolle Cab – I like Casa Lapostolle, good value, look out for la postolle

Brooke in Houston was drinking something I’d never heard of: Tincho’s New Age White, which is mostly Torrontes with about 10% Sav Blanc. She said it was her new age white torrontes

Carly in Florida asked me to guess what wine this cork was from – and I knew! It’s the wine Train makes; their company’s called Save Me San Francisco.train wine

Speaking of San Francisco, Annie was there! She had some Chateau du Hureau “Rosanna” (a sparkler from Saumur) at the Ferry Building and then a Morgon Pinot Noir (from Santa Lucia Highlands).



Back in NYC though, Annie had some Oregon Pinot Gris – yum!

annie1Last, some very exciting news: Julien in NYC is our very first dog grapefriend!!! And clearly, he digs the white.

dianeSo who wins November’s Grapefriend of the Month? Abby, with three good wines! Plus, she also had an entry for Thanksgiving wines as a bonus. Welcome to the club…


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