getting your grape on

getting your turkey grape on!

The gluttony is over. And when you’re a grapefriend, that means gluttony of grapes! Looks like everyone drank very well on Thanksgiving – nicely done, grapefriends!

We did our Fiacre grower champagne, Breggo Pinot Gris and this Wolffer Meritage (2007, decanted but still felt young).

Abby and Lauren in New York rocked some Sauvignon Blanc from Cheverny in the Loire. (Grapefriend had a minor hand in the selection which was very exciting.)

Annie got double the grapes with this Veuve magnum on Nantucket. As she said, “Happy Thanksgiving to ME!” I’m gonna out her here and reveal that this is an amended line from “Gigolos.”

Dave got his Cab on in Bronxville. I’ve never had this Josh but see lots of people drinking it, and he said he liked it.

Emily in Texas had some Bliss Pinot Noir. According to her, it’s aptly named.

But the biggest holiday grapefriends seemed to be the Burkes in Detroit. “We started with Cardone and Champagne (magnum of course).”

“Then moved to the soup course and had an interesting tasting of Justin ’08 & ’06 Reserve Chardonnays.”

“From there onto the main course (and sides) with my favorite Pinot, David Family.”

“And to top it all off, dessert with nuts, figs, finocchio & chocolate cake with an awesome bottle of ’77 Smith Woodhouse Port! Top to bottom a great day for wine.”

Gobble gobble, grapefriends…


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