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hitchcock was psycho for wine

hitchcock_wine rackHitchcock just opened today, and apparently Alfred was a huge grapefriend. Just a few examples:

• In 1928, he made a silent film called Champagne.

• When Mel Brooks came out with High Anxiety, a parody of Hitchcock movies, Hitchcock actually loved it and sent him a case of 1961 Château Haut-Brion magnums. (Note: I’ll happily spoof anything or anyone if they’ll give me this gift – let me know.)

• In Notorious, Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant discover that the Nazis are building an atomic bomb by sneaking uranium in bottles of wine. Oh, the crimes and horror of war! What did they do with all that amazing Pommard wine?? Anyway, check out this clip where they’re in the wine cellar – what a good scene!

In addition to all this, Hitchcock would always spend time at Simi Winery when he filmed in northern California (it’s in Healdsburg which is close to where he filmed The Birds). Simi had a guest book for visitors to sign, and in 1942 Hitchcock wrote that their port was “far too good for most people.” Ha!

They actually don’t make port any more, but I hear he also dug the Pinot Noir which you can check out here.

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