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obama’s grapiest gifters

"dude, you gave me wine? you rock"

“dude, you gave me wine? you rock”

Lots of gifts are given to the president. I mean hell, I get gifts and I’m just grapefriend so you can surmise that the leader of the free world gets some killer swag. Let’s just concentrate on the wine-related ones though, and see which country is the biggest grapefriend:


Anibal-Cavaco-SilvaProfessor Anıbal Cavaco Silva, president of Portugal: W&J Graham’s Port 1961 Single Harvest Tawny Port set, containing wine in red leather bottle holder and an informational booklet, presented in a rectangular wooden box that has ‘‘Graham’s Single Harvest 1961’’ carved into top and sides. Set of four Atlantis crystal wine glasses and one crystal decanter presented in 11″ × 23″ × 10″ wooden box. Two bottles of Quinta de Noval 2008 Vintage Porto wine.

grapefriend vote: Way to rep, Silva. Vintage tawny port? YUM. And the rest of the accessories are really thoughtful, especially this info booklet – grapefriend likes.


Ben-ali-Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, President of the Republic of Tunisia: Six bottles of Vieux Magon wine.

I really had no idea what this was and have never had wine from Tunisia. On the website it says Magon has Pinot, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. It’s apparently owned by Les Vignerons de Carthage (which I guess is Tunisian) and also partly by a German group (not sure why, and the grapes they have aren’t really German varietals but whatever…).

grapefriend vote: Cool to bring native wine.

OK so here’s where it gets good:


Hollande is ‘scared’, says Sarkozy, as French election enters tense runoffSarkozy, president of France: Three bottles of 1961 Château Bages wine.

I don’t know why they just called it “Bages” since it’s actually Lynch-Bages. I’m sure the French would be horrified. Anyway, it’s a Chateau in the Pauillac appellation of Bordeaux, and planted with 73% Cabernet Sauvignon and then some Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. It’s classified as one of 18 “Fifth Growths.”

grapefriend vote: It ain’t Premier Cru, but still damn good. A bottle of the 1961 will run you about $350 a pop.


chantal biyaChantal Biya, First Lady of the Republic of Cameroon: Case of Chateau Lynch-Bages wine. Case of Mouton-Cadet Bordeaux Rouge wine. Case of Moet and Chandon Brut Vintage wine.

grapefriend vote: OH SNAP she did not just try to out-French-wine Sarkozy. But she did. They didn’t say what year her Lynch-Bages were, but I’m gonna guess they weren’t 1961 or even an old vintage. Still, she went there, and then added on more French wine. Ballsy.

Anyway, I think I’m kind of leaning toward Portugal as the grapiest gifter. Great ports, glasses to drink it in, and presented very nicely too. Well poured, Portugal!

BTW also, I love that the excuse for accepting a gift is stated as “Non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donor and U.S. Government.” YEAH RIGHT, Obama’s really just like, “I’m not passing on all this wine, losers!!!”


8 thoughts on “obama’s grapiest gifters

  1. For the record, to all you heads of state reading this – I too will accept gifts of wine as a symbol of our long-standing alliance. Heck, even if we’re enemies I’ll take it. And if you’re not even a head of state.

  2. Nice heads up on Tunisia. My son is an archaeologist and is there a bunch. He’s always asking me to recommend a wine and, aside from a brutal Google search, I really couldn’t deliver. Now I will sound informed.

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