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friend request: grenache blanc

add as friendEven though we’re about to get full-force on summer, I have a perfect spring wine. It’ll also be good for summer, but there’s something about Grenache Blanc that is super springy.

That might be because it has an amazing scent of hyacinth and honeysuckle flowers. It’s also got good white peach and yellow apple flavor. The mouthfeel is what I think is coolest though – it’s like smooth flower petals. Just a super refreshing white wine.

Grenache Blanc is mostly found in the southern Rhone, where it’s usually blended with other grapes (both white and red), But these guys called the Rhone Rangers have planted it in California and are now making some solo Grenache Blancs that are great. Some good ones to check out:

highflyer, $20

highflyer grenache blancThis one’s from Napa. White peaches and white flower petals, beautifully fragrant. Medium low acidity, crisp but not overly acidic. Randomly, I totally had “High Flying Adored” from Evita in my head for a few hours after drinking this.

halter ranch, $18

halter ranch grenache blancPaso Robles makes a lot of Rhone varietals so you’ll find a lot of Grenache Blancs from there. This one has a little more lime and citrus more than many others I’ve had, but I liked it.

mooney family

mooney grenache blancAnother one from Paso, but they don’t produce a ton and you can only get it at the winery. When I was there, we had this while walking through their vineyards. Perfect wine for that!


5 thoughts on “friend request: grenache blanc

  1. I really enjoy grenache blanc, especially in the summer. It’s light and crisp and goes so well with the lighter fare we tend to eat in warmer months, Just curious what do you think about Vouvray?

  2. I have had the High Flyer, but it may be the only Grenache Blanc I have tried. It was very refreshing and definitely a varietal I should add to the wine list at the new wine bar.

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