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happy rosé on the deck happy hour

There are very few things in life that make me happier than having rosé outside when it’s warm out. The other night was one of those happy nights – I know I’m late , but I was too busy rosé-ing to post and these were good rosés (sparkling Lamberti and the still was Belleruche Cotes du Rhone) and such a pretty pic that I figured I’d be forgiven. bellruche lamberti rose

Sampling for Rosé Week (coming next month) has begun, so more info on the above soon. Have you guys been drinking any great ones lately?


28 thoughts on “happy rosé on the deck happy hour

  1. There is plenty of good stuff out there… So far I tried Whispering Angel and Miraval, and both were not bad – they are on the pricey side for rosé, but worth a try, at least once. And I’m drinking Terres de Saint Louis Rosé from Provence right now, and it is excellent and right on the target price-wise ($9.99 : ) )

  2. I am very partial to – Lucien Albrecht rose brut cremant d alsace france. I think the rose has come a long way. Lovely photo, by the way.

  3. I attended a 50 cent wine tasting at Trader Joe’s Friday nite and had Incanto Rose for the first time and I liked very much. I am partial to sweeter wine and it was paired with a dessert. I will have to try the Lamberti. I also had a sparkling Prosecco, which I thought was nice as well.

  4. love the Charles & Charles Rosé from Washington State and L’Aventure and Denner from Paso! But sooo many good ones out there!

  5. Ehlers Estate in St. Helena in Napa Valley makes an excellent Rose, the Sylviane Rose. My mother is an avid rose drinker and her favorite was Whispering Angel, that is until she tried the wine from Ehlers. She stated to me categorically that she didn’t like California rose because they didn’t make a good one. Gauntlet thrown! She has taken that back and now orders rose from Ehlers Estates by the case.

  6. All I love rose! There is nothing else I would drink in the Cote d’Azur other than a Cote de Provence. In fact, if you drink anything other than rose there you’re immediately picked out as a foreigner!

  7. I’ve got to find this Charles & Charles you mention, sounds good. The Lasseter Family Enjoué is great! But 2x the $12 for C&C. I know someone who swears by Unti rosés, from Sonoma. Haven’t had it though.

  8. You are right, the picture was worth the wait! Love a good Rose”. Actually had to go on a quest to find some the other day as I have just moved to SC and not really familiar with the area. The grocery store didn’t have any, but thankfully World Market did! Looking forward to Rose’ week!

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