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mad men wine: weed wins

yeah, this is how I feel about no wine in this whole episode

yeah, this is how I feel about not seeing any wine again

I’m changing the name of the show from Mad Men to Mad Grapefriends. Once again, no wine in the whole episode.

Started out per usual with Don sippin on the brown juice. But all was downhill from there, even for cocktails really.

Don could’ve been drinking wine out if that high tumbler by the pool, but highly doubtful. And were those wine bottles on the hashish table? Again, unlikely.

photo 2Weed took center stage in the LA scenes. And the ep was capped with Pete suckin on a spliff.

Interesting that they drank no wine in LA, which is far closer to Napa as it was just starting to establish wineries. That’s because the influence was still European (enter Megan and her French background) and not the movie-centric and far less euro LA.

Well, we’ve got three more episodes for this season. And they all better start popping bottles like crazy.

Mad Men season 6 wine count: stays at 22 

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5 thoughts on “mad men wine: weed wins

  1. My new wine heroine is Cersei from GOT…she’s always got a goblet of cheeky Dornish red in her hand…what a woman 😉

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