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the super sippy for summer – giveaway!

We all know how fun the wine sippy cup is – now there’s a super-sized one for even more summer awesomeness! And in a grapefriendy sippy cup

The even better news is that 3 lucky grapefriends can win one! I could just do a boring sweepstakes giveaway, but that’s not the grapefriend way. And since everyone tags me every month, just tag me @grapefriend in a pic showing why you’re a grapefriend on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #imagrapefriend. My fave 3 photos this month will be announced on July 1 and a super sippy could be on its way to you! Bonus points if you post on both Twitter and Instagram. (*note: If your photos are private on Instagram I won’t be able to see them. You’re better off tweeting…)

Grapefriend and wine are fun, so have a good time with this! Do it with your grapefriends, post from a crazy place, caption it with a grapey haiku – the possibilities are endless!

If you don’t want to join the contest festivities, once again there’s a 10% grapefriend discount on these puppies. Just hit and enter “grapefriendvino” to get 10% off the awesome wine sippy cup or any product on the site, now through July 4.

I’ll be retweeting a bunch of them on Twitter so get following and get your grape on, grapefriends!


13 thoughts on “the super sippy for summer – giveaway!

  1. Ok, so bear with me. I had an idea for a sippy cup for grown ups about 8 years ago. No, no one stole it by no means. But dangit, I should have ran with it.

    I was single and me and some friends would go to this certain watering hole once a week to gather and be merry. We found there were instances of people getting slipped something in their drink. I said to my friends, we will all be in here with sippy cups, before I allow someone to slip me ANYTHING.

    True story.

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  3. Since I’m not a wine drinker, I’ve never seen this but will be sure to pick some up for gifts. Thanks for stopping by my post that had to do with people drinking too much wine!

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