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tami taylor, still graping it up

“I love rosé Champagne, especially Billecart-Salmon.

A bottle of that with a tin of caviar – how can you go wrong?”

credit: Dan Monick/Bon Appetit

credit: Dan Monick/Bon Appetit

You didn’t need another reason to love Connie Britton, but now you have one. Thanks, Bon Appetit.

I hate coupes (those big, flat glasses) – you spill way too much. Flutes are very pretty but also kind of annoying because the bowl is so small and your nose bumps into it all the time. I just like a good white wine glass when drinking bubbly.

I also really love Billecart-Salmon. And Connie. And Nashville, but Friday Night Lights 80 times more. Tami Taylor drank white wine all the time.


4 thoughts on “tami taylor, still graping it up

  1. L’ha ribloggato su Daniela Mangiasciuttoe ha commentato:
    Torno a casa e ricevo un like sul blog da “grapefriend” un blogger di vino dagli Stati Uniti. Commossa. Come back home and just found out that I had a “like it” on my blog from “@grapefriend” a wine blog from United States of America. Proud of it!

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