getting your grape on

getting your grape on: summer

Haven’t done one of these in so long, but people have been sending me tons of fantastic grapefriendy pics of what they’re drinking lately! Love it.

james beach rose wine

Robyn digging her rosé at James Beach in Venice

aubichon pinot noir

Owen poured out this puppy in Chicago. “It was delicious!”

redbank pinot grigio

Rachael riding around Fontana Lake in North Carolina

macon villages

Amy’s impulse Burgundy buy in Chicago

charles krug pinot noir

Roxy Housewives of Beverly Hills: killing some Krug

hermitage thunderbird

OK, Dave didn’t buy this, drink this, or even take this picture. But he did send it to me and I think it’s funny.

Rachna rocking rosé in NYC

cowtipper white wine vermont

One of the best wine names ever. My friend Bari Nan spotted this on a trip back to her home state of Vermont. “The gentleman who owns the store reminded me that he used to babysit me, back in the day. Ergo, I didn’t have the heart to purchase alcohol from him ;)” Alas, we many never sip the Cowtipper.

Keep them coming! If you’re obsessed with what you’re drinking (I don’t know anyone like that obviously), send me a pic via twitter @grapefriend, email at, or join our awesome collaborative Pinterest board. Drinking is more fun with grapefriends. Duh.


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