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wine qualifies for the olympics!

For the first time in Olympics history there are official Olympic wines!!! This is so cool! And pretty fascinating in terms of how they chose the wines.

olympic wine bibendumThe three official Olympic wines, a red a white and a rosé, are the only ones on sale at the Olympic Park and pretty much every other 2012 venue. They made about a million bottles, which are mostly being sold as 187ml mini bottles for about £4.50 but you can get some full-sized 750ml ones for under £20, too.

The wines were custom made by U.K. wine company Bibendum, all from the 2012 vintage. The red (a Shiraz, Tempranillo and Gamay Nouveau blend) is from Braziliam winery Seival Estate while the white (a Chenin Blanc) and the rosé (a blend of Pinotage, Shiraz and Merlot) are both from a South African winery called Stellenrustin. “It was a crucial point to make the wines from the same vintage as the Olympics, thus we had to go south where the Southern Hemisphere regions harvest earlier in the year,” said Kirstie Papworth, Bibendum’s commercial director, in a press release.

The red’s from Brazil because that’s where the 2016 games will be, but the other two are from South Africa because of logistics. Importing from South Africa takes much less time compared to Australia or New Zealand. The wines also had to be fair trade and bottled in recyclable bottles.

Bibendum wanted to make simple, easy-drinking, refreshing wines. Which is basically all you can go for with such young grapes. I’ve never had a Brazilian wine but I’ve been loving South African wines lately and always have. Maybe the Olympic wines won’t win a gold medal, but hopefully they’ll be crowd-pleasers!


2 thoughts on “wine qualifies for the olympics!

  1. Even though I’m a wine snob and these wines are probably not going to be on my cellar list, as a marketer I appreciate this for two reasons. First, how do you please the world? The PR planning that went behind the choice of wine and vintage and producer and bottling must have been extensive and therefore impressive. Second, any opportunity to get approachable wines in front of a new or llarge audience only helps the industry. Go Olympic Wines!

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