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drink me: great greeks

I’ve been having some really good Greek wines lately, and not just because it’s Olympic time. Made from the popular Greek grape Assyrtiko, they’re perfect for summer – light, crisp, refreshing. Think: white cliffs on Santorini, fresh fish, cool wine on a warm beachy night…

So let’s get to it!


Olympian comparison:  Ryan Lochte, my off-season lesser, swimmier Mark Sanchez substitute

grape: Assyrtiko

region: Santorini

year: 2010

price: $18

yum factors: This totally had a salty smell, and even a hint of it in the taste too. Citrus, light and easy with medium acid. Perfect for fresh fish just caught in Greek sea (or just the shrimp cocktail we had at cocktail hour…).

buy it: here

santo wines assyrtiko

Olympian comparison: Gabrielle Douglas, flexible and full of complex moves.

grape: Assyrtiko

region: Santorini

year: 2011

price: $17

yum factors: Very fruity – yellow apple and some orange. Medium body, a little lush. Cross between the acid of a Sav Blanc and the fruit of a Chardonnay. Makes it a little more complex than other Assyrtiko’s I’ve had.

buy it: here

amethystos wine loi

I only took this pic of the wine on the menu to send to my friend, but forgot to take a pic of the actual wine for him

amethystos white lazaridis

Olympian comparison: US basketball team – a blend of many different types

grape: blend of Assyrtiko, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillon

region: Drama

year: 2011

price: $17

yum factors: This one’s a peachy, flowery blend of  Assyrtiko, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillon. I had this in Greece a few years ago and we were dying over it. Then I had it again at Loi in New York and liked it again!

buy it: here

biblia chora rose milos

doesn’t this just look so greek with the white and blue?

biblia chora rosé

Olympian comparison: I don’t know, I’m getting bored of this.

grape: Syrah

region: at the foot of Mount Pageo in Kokkinochori, Kavala

year: 2011

price: $13

yum factors: Super yummy. I love rosés made from Syrah – they’re flavorful but not overly juicy.

buy it: I had this rosé at Milos (awesome Greek resto in NYC) a few weeks ago. I can’t find it anywhere online but go to Milos if you can and maybe they still have it by the glass.


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