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ramona and luann – grape fight!

ramona luann blind tasting

“How’m I supposed to know about wine? I only make it.”

Grapefriend had other stuff going on the week of LuAnn’s infamous blind tasting set up challenge to Ramona. Recap: LuAnn and her wine boyfriend were doing a blind wine tasting, Ramona called the wine lacking in depth and flavor, and it turned out to be the Ramona Pinot Grigio she endorses. Wine fight!

In Ramona’s defense, blind tasting is freaking tough. I took a whole course in it, and everyone was constantly humbled trying to figure out what a wine was just by sight and taste. Master Sommeliers even have hard time in competitions! Ramona said that since Jacques had set up the tasting she assumed the wine would be French (he’s French and imports a lot of French wine) which can throw you off.  Still, if you “make” your own wine, you should have some recognition of it floating around your palate.

Anyway, it was a very grapefriendy episode, and afterwards everyone entered the grand debate of whether it was a malicious set up or all in good fun. Even Wine Spectator reported on it, and in the post LuAnn told them that now she might make a wine (which is starting to feel de rigueur for any Housewife). She’s thinking about a sparkling rosé “but keeping it affordable, so people can pop and celebrate without spending a fortune.”

Sounds good to me. Ramona is planning on coming out with a Sangiovese-Merlot blend in the fall. Might there be a blind rematch? Andy Cohen, get on this for the next reunion…


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