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this raclette cheese melter is the bomb!!!!

I did a winter binge pairing post a while ago, where I included pairings for Ted Lasso, Tehran, and Losing Alice. Since then I’ve gone even deeper into Apple TV and just went on We Have Notes, the definitive podcast for the pop culture obsessed, to debate our favorite series (and tell the hilarious story of when we went on American Idol). Here are my pairings for more series. 

For All Mankind
Feels like you need some fizzy lifting drink when you rocket into space, but given the crazy Russian battle that takes places you need bubbles that have some gravitas. Some Champagnes don’t have any dosage added (sugar and wine mix that adjusts the sweetness level) and are the driest and often most acidic, making them excellent for food. This Andre Jacquart “Le Mesnil Experience” Blanc de Blancs Brut Zero is very austere and minerally, with crisp apple and toast notes. $62 [Raclette cheese melter sold separately LOL]

The World’s a Little Blurry
I love Billie Eilish, and this documentary following her during a year when she completely shot to fame is a great look into her music process, her family, and her just being a teenager getting a driver’s license and dealing with a guy who can’t seem to realize how awesome she is. Her music is haunting and honest, with amazing production by her brother Finneas. I’d pair it with an innovative Ramato, which is Pinot Grigio that spends time on the skins to get color and structure. The funky melon and tart cherry are fun but also make you think – like Billie’s music.  
Try Attems Pinot Grigio Ramato 2018, $18.

Mosquito Coast 
Excited for this new series since I loved the book and original movie. The family moves to the jungles of Central America, where they do not make wine. So instead, I’d pair this with a delicious Rum Runner or any of the other amazing cocktails I tried in Honduras

Ted Lasso Season 2
Fun and easy but with heart – like rosé made from Syrah. Gives it a little more watermelon punch than your typical Provencal fare. Grab some Rabble from Paso Robles for the next season premiere on July 23!

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