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First off, critical PSA: wine (and all alcohol) is incredibly dangerous for dogs. Their livers aren’t built to process alcohol so it can be lethal. Give your pup an extra dog treat on March 23 but you and any other humans should grab a glass of Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc.The name Dog Point comes from the nearby area where shepherds’ dogs used to get lost or wander off, and I just tried it in Marlborough, New Zealand last month. When I visited, they drove me around in their vintage Holden Premier nicknamed the “Dog Mobile” and we almost broke down on the side of the highway! Loved it though.The 2017 has pineapple notes but not overly so like many NZ Sauvignon Blancs – it’s restrained and pretty (the 2016 is $18.99 here). And the 2015 Section 94, aged 18 months in French oak, has more guava and passion fruit, lots of acid, and would be great with some pungent goat cheese ($34.99 here).

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