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green wine for st. patrick’s day!

It’s that luck of the Irish day, and everyone’s donning their best green garb and lifting their beer steins! We at grapefriend see things a little differently in our glasses. So should you not want to drink beer, we of course support that decision. So does the wine world, who has something even better to drink than suds – green wine!

Oh yes, Vinho Verde means just that in Portuguese, and is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or if you’re looking for a light glass.

Most Vinho Verde has notes of lime and yellow grapefruit with fresh acidity. The cool part about these wines are that they have just a tiny bit of effervescence. They’re also a little lower in alcohol and a lot lower in price – like this Vera for under 10 bucks!

No luck needed when you have grapefriend telling you what to drink. So sign up to get the scoop on what wines go with each month’s biggest events here or below!


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