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what olivia pope SHOULD be drinking on the beach

Scandal is back tonight, and a while ago they released this teaser to get everyone all excited:

All quite exciting that Olivia’s taking a break from the drama to kick it except for one thing: she’s drinking red wine on the beach. VILE!

Now I love Liv’s obsession with wine, but she’s gotta veer away from the red every once in a while! It’s very gross and borderline gauche to never drink white or even rosé, especially when the occasion demands it. We don’t know what beach she’s on, but the Scandal tumblr had a little game letting everyone drag a red wine glass to specific beachy locations to guess where she was. Here’s what she should be drinking based on local faves in each possible area.

buenos aires

Torrontes – come on now! Peachy, orange blossom, and refreshingly light, it’s major in Argentina. And don’t even tell me she’d be drinking Malbec on a beach!


So close to New Zealand, she could rock some of their grapefruity, cantaloupey Sauvignon Blanc.

greek isles

Are you kidding me, Olivia??? Greece makes killer whites! For Zeus’s sake, grab a crisp, lemony Assyrtiko or a tangerine-y, light Moscofilero. So perfect for beach time.

los angeles

It would be really boring if she were just chilling in Malibu, but some Cold Heaven Viognier from Santa Barbara would definitely make things more interesting.


An off-dry Riesling would be a great match for the curries and coconut she’s probably eating.


Thailand really doesn’t have any good wine – grab a beer. It would make Jake so happy.

saint tropez

If you’re not drinking rosé you should be banned from Saint Tropez. As you learned here, Chateau de Pampelonne is named after the beach in St. Tropez where Brigitte Bardot was discovered. Get some.


Clare Valley Riesling is limey and acidic – great to quench your thirst down under.

zanzibar or seychelles

Love me some zesty South African Chenin Blanc. In fact, it’s the most-planted variety there.

For any other beaches, even grapefriend would approve a fruity umbrella cocktail. Expand your drink horizons, Olivia! I’ll be watching… (And so will Abby – our Scandal wine recaps are back tomorrow!)






3 thoughts on “what olivia pope SHOULD be drinking on the beach

  1. I agree, being on the beach requires a more refreshing wine. Malbec and Merlot are for fall/winter in my opinion, makes me warm and fuzzy from the inside out!

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