cocktail friend: bombardino

First, let me just say that you should probably be hiking in the Alps to truly enjoy this drink. You might even want to be hiking while you read this post!

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So one day during our Alto Adige trip, we went hiking in the Dolomites. It was super foggy and therefore kind of nippy out, despite the fact that we were drumming up some heat by hiking. We took two gondolas up to a much higher spot, and then could walk to all these different little huts which all have food and drinks.

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When we stopped into one of them, our Italian guide said we should all get the typical drink they have to warm up at Italian ski resorts: Bombardino shots. I was in from the title alone!

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It’s made with 1 part “vov” egg liquor and 1 part brandy. (“Vov” is a creamy liquor made from eggs, sugar, and brandy, sort of like egg nog and tastes like zabaglione.) Then you heat it up and add whipped cream and cocoa powder. Creamy drinks are not my thing at all, but in this situation I have to say it was pretty freaking fantastic.

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The vov liquor comes pre-made in bottle form though you could also homemake it yourself. (I couldn’t find this exact bottle online in the US but found another kind here.)

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Apparently the name comes from someone who had one a long time ago and said “It’s like a bomb!” – yep, a bomb of Alpine alcohol and AWESOMENESS.

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happiness occurs post-Bombardino



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