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the 12 days of fizzmas: sparkling malbec from mendoza on day 7

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This is another interesting one. Malbec usually makes a gritty, medium-to-full bodied red wine. So when you turn it into a sparkling wine, you’d think it might be heavy but this was refreshing and even lighter than the sparkling Shiraz I spoke about the other day.

Ernest Catena’s Misterio is a coppery rosé, whereas the sparkling Shiraz was a deep purple. Dry, but good fruit and made from 85% Malbec and 15% Pinot Noir. Was fantastic with the veggie and mildly spicy chimicurri we had on grilled trout. Even better pairing was the Andes backdrop.

ernesto catena alma negra sparkling malbec

And another under $20 ($19.99 to be exact)! Grab some here.

Click on Fizzmas to see all the fizz and fun in these 12 days! And let me know what your favorite bubbly is below.


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