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the 12 days of fizzmas: penedès on day 4

photo 1 (1)On the fourth day of Fizzmas, we’re rocking bubbles from the Penedès region in Spain. And not just any Spanish sparkling, but one from the producer who makes the bub of choice of Spain’s royal family. Lorde should totally substitute Juvé y Camps for Grey Goose in “Royals.”

The Penedès region is in Spain, and where most cava is made. I’ll tell you right now, I don’t normally like cava, so the fact that I’m including this in Fizzmas is a big deal. Cava is Spain’s sparkling wine – it’s made the same way as Champagne, but with different grapes. Traditionally, those grapes were mostly Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo, but now Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are also allowed. That may be why I liked the rose so much – it’s 100% Pinot Noir.  Full bodied and almost savory, this would be fantastic with a charcuterie plate, especially one that included lots of really good jamon.

photo 2 (1)I also liked the Gran Brut 2007. They make a regular cava, but in really great grape years they bottle a vintage one. This was closer to regular cava with its green apples, but it was rounded out with some deeper orange too.

Btw, the producer’s pronounced joo-vay not hoo-vay. Not that I learned that by embarrassing myself in front of a group of people or anything.

And, these are both only $18 here. Qué ganga.

Click on Fizzmas to see all the fizz and fun in the next 12 days! And let me know what your favorite bubbly is below.


2 thoughts on “the 12 days of fizzmas: penedès on day 4

  1. I first tried J&C a few months ago for my birthday and really enjoyed it–I had no idea that they a.) made a rose, but now I’m going to look for it; or b.) made the royal cava. I’m going to have to get a few bottles to enjoy over the holidays!

    The pronunciation issue is a bit odd as I look at the label–in Catalan, Js are pronounced as a hard J, but then instead of using the Catalan word for and (i), they use y instead. So you should definitely be forgiven for your mixup as that is highly confusing.

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