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bubbles, bubbles all year round

Domaine Carneros 365 days of bubblyWe’re in the middle of Fizzmas, so obviously I know people like to pop a lot of bubbly around the holidays. But really, you gotta get more in the treat yourself mindset because there’s at least one thing you can find every day that’s awesome to celebrate. In? Enter 365 Days of Bubbles, which is about one of the best ideas I’ve heard.

Domaine Carneros is such a good bubbly option. They’re a partner of Taittinger so it’s good, and their entry level is only $28 though they have higher-end ones like Le Reve which goes for $99. They’ve created a package that will bring you bubbles for every day of the year – here’s what’s in the 365-bottle package:

• School night wine—222 bottles of the 2009 Domaine Carneros Brut Cuvee ($27)—the key to surviving the week day grind (plus a few extra bottles for those days where one bottle just isn’t enough.

• Party wine—24 3L bottles of the 2007 Domaine Carneros Vintage Brut Sparkling Jeroboam ($140 per bottle)—gone are the days of showing up to your routine get togethers empty-handed

• Celebration wine—24 bottles of the 2007 Domaine Carneros Le Reve Blanc de Blancs ($100 per bottle)—the ultimate wine to celebrate life’s most memorable moments

• Vacation wine—19 bottles of the Domaine Carneros Brut Rose ($36 per bottle)—the perfect wine to sip and soak up the sun on your two week summer vacation—10 days, plus five extra bottles for your yearly ‘sick days’!

• Friday night—52 bottles of the 2006 Late Disgorged Brut Cuvee ($48 per bottle)—say TGIF, and welcome the weekend with one of California’s top sparkling wines

• “Sweet tooth” wine—24 bottles of the 2008 Verméil Demi Sec ($36 per bottle)—from cheese to birthday cake, the Verméil Demi Sec is the perfect complement toall things sweet

Cost: $20,000 here. Who’s buying?


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