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what to drink in the Rosé Zone

First, I have to thank my grapefriend Abby for bringing this to my attention. We were at a party last night and I was so exhausted that I had to leave and go straight to bed, missing SNL completely. Luckily, she did not.

Second, I’d like to thank SNL for recognizing that the Red Zone channel is named after what you should be drinking while watching touchdowns: Red wine. Which is why they came up with this freaking hilarious segment called Rosé Zone, the channel that only shows crazy reality show TV moments (click the pic to watch it).

rose zone snl

Rosé comes in many styles (as you know if you followed Rosé Week this past summer), and what you should be drinking in the Rosé Zone is easy: Spanish rosado. To recap, they’re spicy, rich, full of red berry fruit. And most importantly, they’re usually damn cheap – just like reality TV!

(Btw, the Rosé Zone kind of does exist and it’s called The Soup. But Rosé Zone is a way better name…)

My only gripe would be that the segment implies that the Red and Rosé Zone audiences are different. I basically watch Bravo 80% of my time at home and I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I’m about to settle in for an entire day of football viewing today. So as always, if you’re grabbing grapes while watching games tag me @grapefriend. Then we’ll commence our Bravo-watching on Tuesday.


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