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drink me: matteo correggia roero nebbiolo

correggia roero nebbiologrape: Nebbiolo. This is the grape that makes up Barolo and Barbaresco, thought of as two of the best wines in Italy.

producer: Matteo Correggia. This guy made great wines which helped Roero get international recognition. He unfortunately died in a tractor accident in 2001 when he was only 39, and apparently a lot of the top Roero winemakers helped his wife Ornella take over, which she’s done ever since. Thought that was a pretty cool story.

country: Italy

region: Roero, Piedmont. Most of the Nebbiolo in Piedmont is made on the other side of the river in Piedmont’s other DOCGs Barolo and Barbaresco, so it’s kind of cool to try one from Roero. Roero has sandier soil, milder weather, and the lower hills, which is said to make slightly more refined wine.

year: 2010

yum factors: Another great fall wine: light but a bit grittier than your usual fall Pinot Noir. Black cherry with some nerve to it, but the tannins aren’t as strong as like a Cab. A good one before you fully transition to that warm-me-up winter wine.

price: about $20

buy it: here

drink it: by the glass at Lelabar, where I had it with this awesome meat and cheese situationmeat plate


7 thoughts on “drink me: matteo correggia roero nebbiolo

  1. I like the concept of “Fall wine” any food pairing recommendations other than the nice meat and cheese spread you had ?

    • I’d go with some mild meat dish (like the typical bistecca fiorentina which is just grilled steak with some herbs), or even a heartier chicken. The Nebb is medium-bodied and not TOO tannic.

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  4. The ’10 Matteo Correggia Roero is excellent.

    It speaks of it’s birthplace and makes me think of a
    Barolo or Barbaresco that will develop bottle age over
    3 or 4 years rather than 10 to 20 +. Very elegant.

    Make sure to decant for at least an hour.

    Tastes really good with eggy noodles and wild
    boar ragu.

    Way better than Turkey!

    Gobble gobble.


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