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gatsby gets bubbly, obvs

great-gatsby-contest-brooks-brothersBased on the bubble-filled promo pics, we’d expect nothing less. At last night’s Gatsby premeire, people drank a lot of bubbly. Champagne? Oh no, they got some Ferrari Metodo Classico. I actually put this in my Cosmo bubbly story (check it here) and thought I told you guys about it but I never did. It’s a good one to know about because it’s a great value (about $25) and super yummy. It’s a sparkling Chardonnay from Alto Adige, which as many of you know is my fave wine region in northern Italy. Bigger bubbles than Champagne but has a refreshing lemony-apple flavor.

And it’s all chi-chi – they serve it at the Venice Film Festival and the Met Costume Institute gala dinner and after-party, so no wonder it made it into the Gatsby party. Can’t wait to see it, although I’m guessing I won’t be able to count all of the glasses of Champagne they have. Will leave that to my wine count for the Baz-less and far less exuberant Mad Men.Ferrari-Metodo-Classico-Brut-lg


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